How to create an internal page?

The most important when creating a secondary page is to define it an ID, later you'll be able to reference this page using this unique ID. Please note that when using the 'arrows' or 'keyboard' navigation the pages will switch in the order they are defined in the HTML. If you want to animate some elements on the page add the 'js-animated-content' on it and VSResume will smoothly animate that element when the page is shown. Please avoid adding too much animated elements on the same page because this may annoy your users.

<section class="section js-section " id="[Section ID]">
	<div class="js-scroll-bar scroll-bar">
		<div class="handle">
			<div class="mousearea"></div>
	<div class="js-scroll-area section-content">
			<h2 class="section-title js-animated-content"> [Page Title] </h2>
			<h3 class="section-subtitle js-animated-content"> [Page Description] </h3>
			<img src="" class="featured-image js-animated-content" alt="">
			<div class="page-content-tight js-animated-content">
				<p class="page-text"> [Page Text] </p>
				<div class="row">
					<div class="col-md-12">
						[Page Content]

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