How to add a search input?

For different situations, we've prepared two types of search component. You can use the regular one, in places where you have enough space for it, or the minimal one which needs only 18px width of space. See the code bellow for more information.

<!-- Regular search -->
<div class="search">
	<form action="#">
		<input type="text" class="search-input form-control" placeholder="search">
		<i class="fa fa-search search-icon"></i>

<!-- Minimal search -->
<div class="search-minimal js-search-minimal">
	<form action="#">
		<div class="search-minimal-input js-search-minimal-input">
			<input type="text">
		<i class="fa fa-search search-minimal-icon js-search-minimal-icon"></i>

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2015-05-15 12:15
Cristina Cavruc
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