How to add a portfolio item?

Here is the markup for a portfolio item

<div class="item" data-groups='["photography", "streetart"]'>
    <div class="wrapper pa fullwidth fullheight zim p10">
        <a href="/index.php?action=artikel&lang=en&cat=24&id=119&artlang=en#" class="wrapper fullwidth fullheight description">
            <div class="wrapper acc pa">
                <h3 class="text fz5 cw fw3 ac mb20">Item title</h3>
                <p class="text fz1 fw3 fsl ac">Item tags</p>

    <img src="img/theme/portfolio/small/1.jpg" class="image" alt="portfolio">

In data-groups set the item tags.

To add a new portfolio tag item copy/paste a list item and set your custom tag

<ul class="list inline xsgutter mb50">

    <!-- tag item -->
    <li class="portfoliofilter" data-group="tag-name"><span class="text fz3 fsi fw3 ttu pointer">tag name</span></li>


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