How to add a testimonial item?

To add a new testimonial in slider copy/paste list item in testimonial-slider section.

<div class="testimonials component owl mt50" data-config='{"items": 1}'>

    <!-- slide item -->
    <div class="testimonial">
        <div class="wrapper pb50 pl70 pr70">
            <div class="wrapper photo mb20 ac">
                <div class="wrapper dib bgcw pl40 pr40">
                    <!-- user image -->
                    <img src="img/theme/testimonials/1.jpg" alt="testimonaial photo" class="image round wa">
            <div class="wrapper pl40 pr40">
                <h4 class="text fz4 fw3 ttu lsm ac mb5 lighttext">User name</h4>
                <p class="text c2 fz1 fw3 fsi ac lsm mb20 post">User post</p>
                <p class="text fz3 fw3 fsi ac lighttext">User testimonial</p>


In data-config attribute set properties for your slider.

Check the full documentation for more info and properties.

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