How to add custom fields to the checkout process?

First create your field in html file with a new name, feel free to change the margins in order to make it look right.

<input type="text" placeholder="Phone number" name="phone_field" id="phone_field" class="fillable-field required custom-reveal">

<!-- add a custom field -->
<input type="text" placeholder="My field" name="your_custom_field" id="your_custom_field" class="fillable-field required custom-reveal">

<input type="text" name="prCode_field" id="prCode_field" class="fillable-field l-hidden required custom-reveal products-code-list">

<input type="submit" value="Send" class="button submit-btn checkout custom-reveal">

​Next in sendmail.php file define and validate it like others: 

$name_field = check_input($_POST["name_field"]);
$mail_field = check_input($_POST["mail_field"]);
$phone_field = check_input($_POST["phone_field"]);
$prod_list = check_input($_POST["prCode_field"]);
$subject_field = check_input($_POST["subject_field"]);
$message_field = check_input($_POST["message_field"]);
$your_field_name = check_input($_POST["your_field_name"]);

Make sure to fill the template with your new field: 

if ($message_field!=="") {
    $subject = "Callback! From the site -Triablo- was sent an message!";
    $message = file_get_contents('templates/message.html');

    // Fill form (message form template)
    $message = str_replace('{{ subject }}', $subject_field, $message);
    $message = str_replace('{{ name }}', $name_field, $message);
    $message = str_replace('{{ mail }}', $mail_field, $message);
    $message = str_replace('{{ message }}', $message_field, $message);
    $message = str_replace('{{ fieldname }}', $your_custom_field, $message);
} else {
    $form = 'product-form';
    $subject = "Client order! From the site -Triablo- was sent an order!";
    $message = file_get_contents('templates/mail.html');

    // Fill form (products form template)
    $message = str_replace('{{ name }}', $name_field, $message);
    $message = str_replace('{{ mail }}', $mail_field, $message);
    $message = str_replace('{{ phone }}', $phone_field, $message);
    $message = str_replace('{{ fieldname }}', $your_custom_field, $message);


If your field is from checkout form, find "mail.html" template in templates folder and add a placeholder for your field: 

    <td style="padding: 7px 40px 6px 40px;">
        <table class="content" style="max-width: 600px; word-break: break-word;" width="100%"  align="center" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
                <td style="vertical-align: top" width="63px">Label:</td>
                <td style="color: #42c3d6;">{{ fieldname }}</td>

And if you want to add some fields to contact form, do the same in the "message.html" template that's located in templates folder.


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