How to switch between theme preloaders?

To switch the theme preloader you need to paste inside '.preloader-container' block. Here is the code for:

triangle preloader: 

<svg id="Layer_1" x="0px" y="0px" width="150px" height="150px" viewBox="0 0 600 690" enable-background="new 0 0 600 690" xml:space="preserve">
	<polygon fill="#FFFFFF" class="polygon" stroke="#A7A9AC" stroke-width="8" stroke-miterlimit="10" points="54.558,557.559 300,132.441 
		545.441,557.559 "/>
	<polygon fill="#8856A3"  class="inner" points="96.037,535.115 300,168.885 503.963,535.115 "/>

color waves mask preloader: 

<div class="color-wave">
	<div class="img-box">
		<canvas id="page-preloader"></canvas>
		<img src="images/t-shirt.png" alt="">

For color waves preloader, change the image source to add your own image, the size of preloader will be the image natural size.

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