What css preprocessor was used?

For style part of the template we are using Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS/LESS and it has 2 core goals.

    1. Increase the semantic value of html section and content
    2. Decrease the expectation of a specific html structure

The purpose of SMACSS categorization is to reduse code repetition, to increse consistent experience, and to make the maintenance easier. Under SMACSS there are 5 general categories of css/less rules:

  • colors - (stylesheets for the each theme color)
  • welcome - (stylesheets for the theme intro page)
  • modules - (stylesheets for the each theme block)
    • _about-us.less - (about us section)
    • _menu.less - (page navigation)
    • _preloader.less - (page preloader)
  • _base.less - (global styles and resets for this theme)
  • _state.less - (media queries and elements state styles(hover, active...))
  • _layout.less - (classes and styles that define the theme layout)
  • _module.less - (stylesheet for the each theme component)
  • style.less - (all the less files)

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