How to add a price list table?

Here is the markup for a price table

<div class="column medium-4">
    <div class="wrapper pr ovh pricelist component">
        <div class="wrapper">
            <div class="hover-top hover-el"></div>
            <div class="hover-bottom hover-el"></div>
        <div class="wrapper tbgc5 pt40 pl40 pr40 pb60">
            <h3 class="text fz4 fw3 ttu ac mb10">
                first plan
            <span class="text fz8 ac c5 mb20 lh0">
                <i class="pe-7s-angle-down lh0"></i>
            <div class="wrapper ac lh0 mb40">
                <div class="separator bottom dib"></div>
            <div class="wrapper ac mb40">
                <div class="wrapper pr dib ac">
                    <h4 class="text fz9 fw3 pr20 mr-20 price-container">
                        <span class="wrapper pa right top lh0 mr-15 mt15">
                            <span class="text fz6 lh0">$</span>
                <p class="text fz3 ttu fw3 c5 ac mt-10">
            <div class="wrapper mb40">
                <ul class="list">

                    <!-- description item -->
                        <p class="text fz3 fsi fw3 ac">Corporate style</p>

            <div class="wrapper ac">
                <span class="button">
                    <span class="text fz4 ttu fw3 lh24">
                        Get it now

Add "recomended" class to the ".pricelist" tag to add recomended icon to table.

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