How to add a service item?

Here is the markup for a service item

<div class="column large-6 medium-6">
    <div class="box component">
        <div class="wrapper mb20 pr">
            <div class="wrapper pr icon">
                <div class="wrapper acc pa lh0">
                    <span class="text fz9 cm">
                        <!-- Item icon -->
                        <i class="pe-7s-anchor"></i>
            <div class="wrapper pa pl100 fullheight fullwidth">
                <div class="wrapper fullwidth fullheight">
                    <div class="wrapper alc pa pl30">
                        <h3 class="text fz4 fw3 ttu smalltitle">Item name</h3>
        <p class="text fw3 fz3 fsi mb40">Item description</p>

Add custom icond from 7 stroke icons pack.

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