How to add a product item?

To add a new product item, find its category html document in categories directory and copy a list item in products-list block.

<li class="products-item js-product-item">
    <div class="product-view l-dis-ib">
        <a href="big image path" class="js-imagelightbox">
            <span class="hover-view" data-icon=""></span>
            <img src="small image path" alt="Product description">
    <div class="product-short-info l-dis-ib">
        <p class="prod-name js-prod-title">Product name</p>
        <p class="prod-code js-prod-code">Product unique code</p>
    <div class="prod-price-block l-dis-ib">
        <span class="add-prod-btn js-add-to-card product-control-btn l-dis-ib">+</span>
        <p class="prod-price js-prod-price l-dis-ib">Product price <span class="curency">$</span></p>
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